Shanka Vati Tablet


Availability : 500 gms. Plastic Jar Packing

Expiry Date : 5 years (Shelf life and date of expiry with effect from the date of manufacture.) Image of the Product / Medicine

Sr No. Ingredients Botanical Name Refference Part Used Proportion
1 Chincha  Kshara Tamarindus indica A.Bh. – 98 Kshar
2 Sindhav Lavan Sodiai Chloridum A.Bh. – 710 Salt
3 Sauvarchal Lavan Unaqua Sodium Chloride A.Bh. – 709 Salt
4 Bid Lavan Ammonium Salt A.Bh. – 665 Salt
5 Samudra Lavan Sodi muras A.Bh. – 692 Salt
6 Sambhar Lavan Earthen Salt A.Bh. – 709 Salt
7 Shankh Bhasma Conch AFI-Part-1/Page-640
8 Hingu Ferula Narthex API-Vol-1/Page-83 Resin
9 Shunthi Zingiber Officinale API-Vol-1/Page-103 Rhizome
10 Marich Piper Nigrum API-Vol-3/Page-115 Fruit
11 Pippali Piper Longum API-Vol-4/Page-91 Fruit
12 Shuddha Parad Hydrazyrum A.Bh. – 680
13 Shuddha Gandhak Sulphur A.Bh. – 669
14 Shuddh Vatsanabha Aconitum ferox API-Vol-2/Page-171 Root Tuber
15 Nimbu Rasa Citrus limon API-Vol-4/Page-75 Fruit
16 Excipients Q.S.

Form of Medicine : Round Biconvex Tablet
Colour of the Medicine : Blackish Brown Colour
Weight of Medicine :  400mgs /Tab

Prescribed Dosage : As per Physician Advice.

125mgs to 750mgs, 1 tablets 1 – 2 times a day.
Dose for children between 5 – 12 years – 1/4 tablet 2 times a day after food.
Dose for children between 12-18 years – 1/2  tablets 2 – 3 times a day.

Direction of Use : Take 2 to 3 three times a day, along Water in most cases, butter milk and Honey before or after food taking breakfast, lunch and dinner or as per phycision advice.

Medicinal Properties

Avipattikar Tablet has following medicinal properties.

Detoxifier, Carminative, Digestive Stimulant, Antiulcerogenic, Antacid, Cholagogue (promotes the discharge of bile), Antispasmodic, Cardioprotective, Antianginal, Antiarrhythmic, Neuroprotective, Anti-inflammatory,  Antioxidant, Febrifuge, Antitussive, Anticonvulsant, Antidepressant

Indications :

Textual Indications :

Agnimandhya (Digestive impairment), Grahani (Malabsorption syndrome), Arochaka (Tastelessness), Paktishula (Duodenal ulcer), Kshaya (Pthisis).

Common Use :

Indigestion or Dyspepsia, Excess formation acid in the stomach, Gastritis, Peptic Ulcer, Heartburn with burning sensation or linked with vertigo, Abdominal pain, Burning sensation in the chest and abdomen, Vertigo, Headache, Migraine, Nausea and vomiting due to Pitta dominency, Motion sickness (nausea or vomiting during travelling), Dry Cough (Vata and Pitta type of cough), Irritable bowel syndrome linked with Pitta aggravation, Diarrhea with burning sensation, Sour taste of mouth or sour throat, Hiccup, Poor appetite linked with indigestion or dyspepsia, Fever (as antipyretic for high grade fever), Restlessness, Insomnia, Schizophrenia due to Pitta aggravation, Hepatitis – all types (also very useful in hepatitis B and C), Tachycardia (increased heart rate), Somniloquy (sleep-talking), Convulsions.

Contraindications :

This is best avoided during pregnancy, due to strong & purgative herbs.

Side Effects : In people with sensitive stomach, acute inflammation or tenderness in abdomen this medicine should not be used. It also not use in Diabetes and Loose stools or diarrhea. Store in a cool dry place.

supervision. Store in a cool dry place.

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