Ashwagandha Tablet


Availability : 500 gms. Plastic Jar Packing

Expiry Date : 5 years (Shelf life and date of expiry with effect from the date of manufacture.) Image of the Product / Medicine


Sr No. Ingredients Botanical Name Reference Part Used Proportion
1 Ashwagandha Withania Somniphera API-Part -1/Page-05 Fruit 450 mgs
2 Excipients Q.S.

Form of Medicine : Round Biconvex Tablet

Colour of the Medicine : Blackish Brown Colour

Disintegration Time : Not more than 60 min 

Weight of Medicine : 450 mgs / Tab 

Prescribed Dosage : As per Physician Advice.

3 to 4 gms daily in divided doses, 2 tablets 2 – 3 times a day.

Dose for children below 5 years – half to 1 tablet twice a day after food.

Dose for children between 5 – 12 years – 1 tablet 2 – 3 times a day after food.

Dose for children between 12-18 years – 1-2 tablets 2 – 3 times a day.

Direction of Use : Take tablet 2-3 times a day, along with lukewarm water an hour before taking breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Medicinal Properties

Ashwagandha Tablet has following medicinal properties.

Adaptogenic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-arthritic, Antidepressant, Anti-stressor, Anxiolytic, Cardioprotective, Antioxidant, Aphrodisiac, Immunomodulatory, Uterine (Reproductive) tonic, Sedative, Tonic.

Indications :

Textual Prosperities & Indications : Balya (Increases strength), Brimhaniya (Increases nourishment to all Dhatu-Upadhatu & all body part and weight pormoting), Rasayana (Rejuvenative – to restore former nutrimental state), Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac, Increases sexual desire and gives strength to reproductive organs, Increase semen and/or give force to its ejaculation, Increases sexual potency), Ojasvardhanam (Increases ojas), Hridaya (Heart tonic), Medhya (Promotes the intellect), Nidrajnana (Promotes sleep), Vatakaphahara (Reduces Kapha and Vata), Shothahara (Prevents consumption and wasting diseases), Vedanasthapana (Reduces pain). 

Common Use :

Muscle, Joint & Bone Disorders

Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Sciatica (Sciatic Nerve pain), Osteoporosis or decreased bone density, Fatigue, Weakness, Muscle pain, Fibromyalgia.

Neurological Disorders

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease (as a supportive therapy), Vertigo, Memory loss, Atrophy of the brain, Dementia, Amnesia, Delirium, Learning disabilities in children.

Psychological Problems

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Irritability, Drug addiction treatment & rehabilitation, Generalized anxiety disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Social anxiety disorder, Anorexia nervosa, Sleeplessness or insomnia, Schizophrenia (as a supportive therapy).

Men’s Health

Male infertility, Impotency, Erectile dysfunction, Oligospermia, Loss of libido.

Women’s Health

Uterine weakness, Frequency and recurrent miscarriages, Leucorrhea, Underdeveloped female organs, Loss of libido, Postpartum depression, Female infertility of unknown origin.

Contraindications : This is best avoided during pregnancy, due to strong herbs.

Side Effects : In people with sensitive stomach, this medicine may cause mild gastric irritation.
It can be taken during lactation period, for a limited period of time and in children under medical supervision. Store in a cool dry place.

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